Pre Construction

The success of any building project is directly related to the pre-construction phase - which is one of the many ways that Mike Gray Contractors provides you added value. This is the time to integrate the four primary keys of the successful project:

  • Functionality
  • Aesthetics
  • Technology
  • Economy

During the pre-construction phase, Mike Gray Contractors will put a team of professionals to work on your project and address constructability issues and cost evaluations and analyses. Great emphasis is placed on the conveyance of your needs and demands of the facility.

Once the functional aspects are determined, our focus turns to your aesthetic needs. It is in this stage that we also address other parameters that may affect the final appearance of the building, such as restrictive covenants in business parks.

With these key essentials in place, the project is reviewed for the introduction of technologically advanced and latest state-of-the-art products, materials, methods of placement, etc., as well as mechanical and electrical systems and devices that are intended to provide either greater longevity, enhanced appearance, comfort, or use, and possibly lower operating costs.

The final key to be addressed is one of great importance to us as well as you as the building owner, COST. Our job in the pre-construction phase is not complete until we have investigated all the various construction products and methods that may apply to your project and performed value engineering analyses to ensure that we have developed a plan for your project that is economical. There may be many different products that meets your functional and aesthetics demands and needs. It is our job to make you aware of these differences and assist you in selecting the best solution for your project.

General Contracting

Mike Gray Contractors is a full-service general contractor providing complete contracting services for commercial, industrial and institutional projects.

Licensed in West Virginia, we have performed general contracting services for over 9 years through a staff of professionals providing office support and project management, field administration and supervision, and management and scheduling of the work. Our dedicated and experienced workers perform various aspects of the work.

We know that a successful construction project also includes a team comprised of competent, quality-oriented subcontractors. We pride ourselves on excellent relationships with material suppliers and subcontractors that is built upon honesty and reliability of payment for their work. We know that cash flow is just as important to them as it is to us. On-time payment of their work ensures competitive pricing, excellent workmanship, and schedule adherence, all of which are key ingredients to your project and its overall success. We know how to build and with whom to build!


Design-Build is one of the most advantageous contracting methods available to owners today. It is the opportunity to accelerate your overall project schedule and rely upon one single-source for all your needs.

Design-Build is also the most economical means to develop your project. By having Mike Gray Contractors involved at the early stages of your project, we can work with you to "value engineer" as we progress through the pre-construction and design phases of the project. This is a process of determining the various methods and products available for your project that meets or exceeds the functional and aesthetic demands. We also will determine the related costs and make this information available to you for your review and selection. This produces economy for the project and usually only happens when the contractor and designer are one in the same or on board simultaneously. Design-Build provides that opportunity.

Design-Build also provides more reliability of construction costs, budgets and schedule adherence. The Design-Build method can also be integrated into a Cost-Plus GMP contract where you are provided a Guaranteed Maximum Price for the project, making it the most equitable contractual arrangement for both parties in terms of fairness, economy and time savings.

Our Commitment to You



Mike Gray Contractors positive reputation is built upon a capable and caring team, providing a full range of construction-related services. Of all the services we provide, many of our clients point to SINGLE-SOURCE RESPONSIBILITY as one of the most important. This provides you the opportunity to rely upon just one single source to obtain comprehensive construction related services such as:

  • Land search, site selection and survey
  • Soils investigations and evaluations
  • Masterplanning, preliminary designs and layouts
  • Building design and engineering
  • Space planning
  • Project budgets and estimates
  • Value Engineering
  • Construction Management geared to cost control and on-time completion
  • Complete site development
  • Facilitate complete mechanical design and construction including fire protection, heating and air conditoning, plumbing, and electrical systems and lighting
  • Custom interior finishing
  • Materials handling systems
  • Landscaping and Irrigation

We will put a complete, capable team on your building project and you will benefit from our experienced personnel and specialized consultants. Their efforts are unified by sound management practices towards serving your needs on a "turn-key" basis.

Home Remodeling

Home remodeling done well is both beautiful and rewarding to the owner of a home. Our team has a keen sense for remodeling homes, both older and newer, and the detailed attention it takes to make your home remodel both successful and cohesive to the existing structure and other areas of the home. We embrace the best-practice techniques of our trade and are driven by quality in each home remodeling project we craft for our customers.

A full or partial remodeling of your home enhances your home investment and can increase your quality of life. The remodeling plan must be livable and aesthetically pleasing for the home owners unique needs and wishes, while carrying the purpose of the remodel from a structural or repair perspective. Examples of some home remodeling projects are:

  • Exterior remodeling
  • Cohesive additions
  • Remodeling to reflect original design and materials
  • Replacement of rotting or damaged wood
  • Re-development of wall surfaces
  • Moving of walls and entryways
  • Creative use of art or structural components
  • Remodel or replacement of staircases
  • Addition of windows or lighting
  • Remodel or addition of fireplaces and mantles
  • Enhancing and adding of storage areas and built-ins
  • Flooring restoration or replacement
  • Modern technology upgrades
  • Add a second level or overall space